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Single Session


If you are just looking to try out the All Good MMA and Fitness services or if you want to learn about what the amazing sport of mixed martial arts is all about then purchasing single sessions are for you. Get just one or a few.

Got a partner?
You and a partner can sign up for any of the packages below at no extra costs. That's a great way to split the costs of the package or a great gift to give to a significant other. Contact for more info.

Guidance Package 

$720 - 12 sessions over 3 months - $60/session

  • Assessment
  • 1 workout per week
Take an assessment and have the All Good MMA and Fitness team design a workout routine for you. Then once a week I’ll lead you through a personalized workout just for you and your goals that will help guide you throughout the rest of the week as you workout on your own. This package is great for spicing up your weekly routine with an MMA workout session that will keep things fresh.

Support Package 

$1320 - 24 sessions over 3 months - $55/session

  • Assessment
  • 2 workouts per week
By having 2 All Good MMA sessions a week we’ll be able to provide you the support your weekly workout routine needs to make you achieve the fitness goals. So maybe you are someone who loves to lifts weights but not a fan of the cardio, we’ll design an exciting and unique workout that you’ll enjoy and will satisfy your cardio needs. Or maybe you’re a runner that wants to add more resistance training to your routine. We’ll design a workout suited specifically for your athletic goals and make you stronger in your races. All Good MMA will monitor your progress and keep you accountable to meeting your goals

Get in Shape Package  

$1800 - 36 sessions over 3 months - $50/session

  • Assessment
  • 3 workouts per week

Allowing All Good MMA to become your primary source for getting back in shape with 3 sessions a week, you’ll not only have a professional fitness partner helping you every step of the way to your fitness goals, you’ll have someone providing you with the accountability necessary to get you there. Plus see the benefits of training like fighters minus the bumps and bruises. Watch your body and athletic ability transform into a fighting machine.

Ultimate Weight Loss  

$2160 - 48 sessions over 3 months - $45/session

  • Assessment
  • 4 workouts per week
By making this investment in yourself and getting the Ultimate Weight loss package, it will only be a matter of time before you are back looking slim and trim and shredded. With 4 sessions a week, you’ll see drastic improvements to you athleticism, and you’ll see the weight melt away. I will continually create fun yet challenging workout sessions that will ensure that troublesome weight you’ve been trying or wanting lose has no places to hide.

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